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    Logged into the machine as either the domain admin or the local admin and get the same error when trying to add the certificate from \sitespublicdownloads. This happens on both a Windows XP and Windows 7 machine.

    OS version is 5.
    Initial the CDP dialogue.
    PC Radio button is clicked.
    Install the cert on PC.
    Opening cert store.
    Failed to add cert to the store. Error Code: [-2147024891]
    Initial the Finish dialogue.

    Therefore I am getting the “To connect to Remote Web Workplace you must have the proper certificate. Contact the person who provides technical support for your network” error when a user tries to connect via RWW. Only have the self-signed cert that came with SBS 2008.

    Can this be installed any other way than running the application? I have tried adding the certificate and letting it install automatically and also put it in Trusted Root Certificates with no luck.

    Just so I am clear, I install this certificate on the inside machine I am trying to connect to from the outside correct?

    Would it be easier to get a UCC cert?

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