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    Server 2008 R2 DC/File server.
    I am setting up a new server, installed shares and folders under Administrator login. My data share E: is a 3 disk RAID5. All good so far, Administrator (user) gets full access. Added Full Control access for Admistrators (group). There are 4 top level folders each with Share permission set as Everyone Full Control and ABE enabled.

    However after adding my own user account (member: Administrators and Domain Admin groups), I logon and get get “E: not accessible, Access denied.” This is directly on the server and also by RDP. Disabling ABE made no difference. Tried a new user in Administrators group – same result. Browsing C: system drive is no problem. Typing UNC \servername in Run, I can see the shares but still no access to the ones on E:

    When I logon at an XP workstation (my own user account) I can access the shared folders without a problem. haha!

    Permissions are set with Administrators (group) having Full Access from the top of E: across all folders. I examined permissions carefully – can find no difference between Administrors group and the Administrator user account.

    Please tell me I am missing something simple here..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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