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    Im running exhcnage 2007. All is great.

    However if i do a reset of IIS, only ONE user from ONE computer can log in via OWA and once that person is in, EVERY other user gets:

    “Outlook Web Access could not find a mailbox for EXCHANGE0IUSR_HOST. If the problem continues, contact technical support for your organization and tell them the following: The mailbox may be stored on a Microsoft Exchange 2000 or Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, or the Active Directory user account was created recently and has not yet replicated to the Active Directory site where this Client Access server is hosted.”

    Ive read the fixes on the web but it seems the error is keeps happeneing. If i reset IIS, ONE user can sign in then the rest get the above message.

    any ideas?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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