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    Hey guys, sure appreciate any help here!!


    2 old tired 2003 (non r2) servers running AD. One runs Exchange 2003 as well.

    Have a 2012 r2 member server running 1 simple application, like to make this the main AD machine. But there is no direct upgrade from 2003 to 2012r2. I realize I need to get a workstation and make it a 2008 r2 server and upgrade AD in steps.

    I can do this in the near future, but right now I am trying to upgrade Exchange from 2003 (on one of the 2003 AD servers) to Exchange 2010 on a new fresh server. I have another new 2012 r2 server that is destined to be the Exchange box (not the 2012 server mentioned above).

    What I’m wondering is… if I install Exchange 2010 on this new member 2012r2 server, and get maiboxes moved over etc. And then.. down the road.. do this 2008 to 2012 step upgrade for AD.. will that have any negative effects on my Exchange 2010 box?

    Can I do exchange now, and the AD upgrade later?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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