2003 to 2008r2 Help??

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    I am new when it comes to this but have been given the task with some guidance to do the migration for 75 user. (Have to use 2008r2 for certain reasons)

    Current setup:

    2 servers with server 2003 32bit one server is the primary DC and the other is the backup server for dc dhcp dns…

    New server configs server 2008r2 64bit standard with raid 10 on both servers?

    My Questions:

    What is the best guide you all have to migrate from the old 2003 servers to the bare metal install of windows 2008r2 on the new serversr?

    Will the 32bit to 64bit cause a problem?

    Registering of the 2008r2 cal license for 75 user how ?

    What is best before the migration to clean up the old servers?

    Transferring programs from the old servers to the new?

    Best practices for setting up OU in ad?

    Also how do i get all the network drive swapped over efficiently ?

    Network printers switched over do I setup print server role for this? Do i have to reinstall on all users stations since these were installed with 32bit drives on server 2003 and no going to be 2008r2 64bit

    Also best way to setup the network printers so multiple Ipads and wireless devices can print from them?

    Is it better to have this on the backup domain?

    Getting the GPO over so they work for the users?

    Any ideas/ details on how to do this especially with best practices? GREATLY APPRECIAte it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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