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    30 PC’s all XP and all cloned to a 2003 server using Symantec Ghost 2003. When I restored all the images after about 40 days or so none of the PC’s could log onto the domain. I found the problem related to a 30 day computer password which is set on the domain controller. So when the PC’s that are re-cloned to basic settings and try to log onto the domain after the 30 day period they are refused. I found a registry key to change the default setting on each XP PC but is there a way to alter the setting on the domain controller so that computer account passwords can be extended or to prevent this from happening after each re-clone. What I’m hoping to prevent is applying the registry change on each XP PC, rejoining the domain and having to create 30 new clone images with the registry fix in place. I found a netdom KB that applies to win 2000 but wondered if there are any advances on 2003 to make this a little easier than having to re-clone 30 new images. Any assistance or advice welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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