2003 -> 2003 migration

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    I must be missing something, but virtually ALL the viewable articles on DC migration involve an OLDER version of Server to a newer one. All I want to do is move all my users and computers from one domain to another. What do I need? If it is the command line tool with a ton of arguments, I simply would rather copy/paste documents on the 100 computers I have to work with than to have to deal with that.

    I was under the impression that ADMT 3 would do this, but the installer says it requires Server 2008! That doesn’t help. If I use ADMT 2, all the articles are about NT4 or 2000 to 2003, and there are all kinds of qualifications for what to do first, which may not even apply to my situation because both servers are 2003.

    Is there an article on how to move users and groups from one domain to another? It seems like something people would do a lot.

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