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    Hello, I recently started a new job and they are still running on 2000 Active Directory. One of my first tasks here has been get them upgraded to 2003, then 2008. I have ran my domain and forest preps, and upon DCPromo’ing my first 2003 DC, BAM! The FSMO role holder crashes. No event logs, just a memory dump that I don’t seem to be able to analyze. At first I assumed maybe it was just old hardware and the fact that the DC was virtual, so we tried to build a new 2000 DC to move the roles to…same problem. As soon as I DCPromo’d and rebooted, the FSMO holder crashed again. Tried moving the FSMO roles to a different 2000 DC, same problem…

    Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Suggestions on how I can get this upgraded? I would just bring up the 03 box and seize roles, but I’m worried that it has ever been online long enough to get a good copy of AD…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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