1st DC/Exch server down permanently. How to Make 2nd DC/ExchSrv manage mail?

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    Single Forest / Single Domain

    1st DC/Exch Server
    2003 Server Ent. / Exch 2003
    DNS Server
    All FSMO Roles
    Most Mailboxes
    Public Folders
    Offline Address Book

    2nd DC/Exch Server
    2008 Server Ent. / Exch 2010
    DNS Server – replicated through AD
    2 Mailboxes
    Public Folders – replicated and available for the 2 users who have mailboxes on this server.
    Offline Address Book – also replicated
    1st DC/exch server is down permanently. The 2nd DC/exch server is up and running.

    I realize I have to seize all roles. All the users are replicated in AD on 2nd server but most users lost their mailboxes(not worried about lost email).

    1. How do I remove the downed server from AD completely….no more replication?
    2. How does this affect the public folders and offline addressbook data? Whats the best way to make the new server the new home for PF and OAB with the 1st DC down?
    3. Do I need to create new mailboxes on the 2nd server since many users lost the mailboxes on the 1st server?
    4. The 1st DC was hosting mail for the domain and when the 2nd DC/exch server was installed, it(2010 exch server) created all the proper connecters so mail can be routed to the right mailbox on the right server for incoming/outgoing mail. I can change the MX records from my domain host…thats no problem. But how do I configure the 2010 exchange server to be the new host for the domain? Delete connecters???

    I’m sure I should be asking more questions but these are what come to mind right away. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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