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    I’m trying to get my DNS working correctly across a site-to-site VPN connection.
    My initial problem is I dont seem to cleanly have DNS queries for my VPN LAN go through the tunnel whilst all other queries are resolved out to the web.

    WIth the below config I need only specify the router itself via DHCP and all web DNS queries are resolved fine.
    But for internal LAN resources I can only resolve names for those explicitly specified below using the ip host command.

    Even if I specify ip name-server and point to the internal DNS servers I still cannot resolve the names.

    The only way I can resolve the names is if I specify the internal DNS server(s) in the DHCP lease. But then ALL DNS queries go through the tunnel and that cannot be the right way to do it.
    I want all DNS queries for domain “suho.local” to go through the tunnel … what am I missing?

    ip dhcp pool test1

    ip host files2.suho.local
    ip host suho.local ns
    ip host files2
    ip host treehouse.suho.local
    ip host treehouse
    ip name-server

    One puzzling issue is that I can ping these hosts from my Win 7 machine but if I try to ping them from the router I get an unreachable response. Those resources are available and working fine.
    Some other relevant config … I have “ip dns server”, “ip domain lookup” …


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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