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Virtual networking is based on physical computer networking principles, but its functions are mostly software-driven. In a virtual networking environment, each VM is assigned a software-based virtual Ethernet card with separate media access control (MAC) and IP addresses. The VMs communicate by addressing the specified IP address of each destination VM. Similarly, a virtual local area network(VLAN) is created through software-based virtual switches that provide network communication between all virtual and connected machines.

Virtual networking also may be implemented on VMs that are installed or deployed on network/Internet-enabled physical servers or PCs.

There are two primary advantages of moving or redirecting Windows known folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Screenshots, and Camera Roll) to Microsoft OneDrive for the users in your domain:

Your users can continue using the folders they’re familiar with. They don’t have to change their daily work habits to save files to OneDrive.

Saving files to OneDrive backs up your users’ data in the cloud and gives them access to their files from any device.Known Folder Move workshop
This workshop provides guidance on how you can roll out OneDrive Known Folder Move:

Plan for common challenges
Requirements for each deployment option
Deploy using Active Directory and Group Policy objects, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, or Intune
Monitor device eligibility, known folder details, move status, and Group Policy object state
The workshop assumes that you’ve already set up core infrastructure (Active Directory, DNS, AD Connect, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager) and doesn’t cover third-party tools or custom applications integration.

For these reasons, we recommend moving or redirecting known folders to OneDrive if you’re an enterprise or large organization.

I hope this helpful.

also find this useful, but keep in mind you’ll need some experience with Group Policy. For info about the end-user experience, see Protect your files by saving them to OneDrive.