Financial Service Firms Warming Up To Windows 10, Bloomberg’s Terminal Now Compatible

Windows 10

The financial service sector is not typically one that involves the words of ‘fast adoption’ or ‘cutting edge’. These services need to depend on rock solid solutions because not only is the bank’s money at risk, but so is its customers. So when you hear that financial firms are warming up to Windows 10, it’s not only a win for Microsoft but also for the financial service sector who has traditionally been known to lag behind on adopting new technology.

At Sibos this week, a financial services event which is taking place in Singapore, it was noted that Bloomberg’s Professional Service, more widely known as ‘The Terminal’ is now compatible with Windows 10 desktops. This is a big win for Microsoft and Windows 10 as more than 325,000 customers in 174 countries use this tool to assist with trading in the various markets around the world. With the terminal now supporting Windows 10, it means that those customers, if they so choose, can move to Windows 10 and continue to use one of the most powerful trading platforms that is pivotal to many firms.

In addition to Bloomberg, SunGard now has a series of Universal apps for its approximately 14,000 customers and Deniz Bank also announced a new initiative that works with Azure to support offsite locations with mission critical data. And then there is Bank of America, who has previously said that they plan to roll-out Windows 10 as quickly as possible.

When you couple this type of support along with 110 million installs, of which 8 million are in the corporate sector, it points to strong adoption of Windows 10. For Microsoft, even though many of those installing the OS are doing so for free, it’s a good start as the company targets one billion installs within three years.