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Fast User Switching Coming to Teams Desktop App in December

One of the biggest challenges with Teams today is that if you are part of multiple tenants, switching between them is a logistical nightmare. More than three years after its release, Microsoft is about ready to ship an update that will make this process significantly easier for desktop users (see update at the bottom of this post).

In an update posted to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, spotted by, Microsoft is planning to push out an update in December that will make tenant switching much easier. Feature ID 68845 states “Teams users will be able to add additional accounts, change their profile picture, and switch between accounts and orgs through Settings.”

This will be a huge win for anyone managing multiple tenants and needs to quickly communicate with people across various organizations. Right now, the easiest way to accomplish this is with various browser sessions that are authenticated to each tenant but that should soon be a thing of the past.

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Passwords Haven’t Disappeared Yet

123456. Qwerty. Iloveyou. No, these are not exercises for people who are brand new to typing. Shockingly, they are among the most common passwords that end users choose in 2021. Research has found that the average business user must manually type out, or copy/paste, the credentials to 154 websites per month. We repeatedly got one question that surprised us: “Why would I ever trust a third party with control of my network?

The first request for this feature first showed up in the Microsoft Teams feedback forum in November of 2016. While Microsoft did enable this functionality on its mobile apps, for desktop, those users have been left behind but that should all be changing in the not too distant future.

[Update] Before we get too excited, this may be related to switching to personal accounts and not other tenants based on another item on the roadmap for Microsoft 365.


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