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Fast and Affordable Backup for the SMB

This month’s topic comes as a result of a question sent to our feedback email box recently:

“Data is increasing and budgets are shrinking but reliable backups are more important than ever. As an SMB, what should I be looking for?”

Today’s backup systems need to be fast, reliable, affordable and designed to easily handle offsite storage and quick recovery. Tape, disk and cloud backup providers all tout the benefits of their solutions but each tends to fall short in at least one of these important characteristics.

So, what to choose…?

Idealstor, a US based data storage company, has a new option. The company recently launched their Bantam removable disk backup system to meet the needs and budget of the small to mid sized business. The Bantam combines the best of tape, disk and cloud backup and offers an affordable, portable and reliable backup system.

By using SATA disks as removable backup media, Idealstor’s Bantam combines the speed, reliability and capacity of disk with the portability of tape based backup, transfer rates up to 480MB/second and is designed to be used like tape for backup, offsite storage and disaster recovery.

The result is a removable disk backup system designed to help you backup more data faster, and starting at only $299 with capacities up to 1TB/disk, it’s a great option priced to fit even the tightest SMB budgets.

Bantam’s Top Features:

  • Native disk capacities of 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB
  • Up to 480MB/second transfer rates and is compatible with USB3 and USB2 (USB3 controllers are available at time of purchase)
  • Rugged aluminum dock and cartridge designed to offer a rugged/portable disk backup solution
  • Push button eject making it easy to send cartridges offsite for backup and DR
  • Each system ships with backup software that offers data de-duplication, native format backup and drag/drop restore
  • Software compatibility – compatible with any backup software that can backup to disk
  • Larger systems are available for companies backing up more than 1TB

Check it out… More info on the Idealstor Bantam can be found here:

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