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Exchange Server 2007 Features and SP1 Improvements – PowerPoint Presentation

As we all know, Exchange Server 2007 is here to stay, so we might as well get used to it. This week I’ve given a 4 hour demonstration and feature review of Exchange Server 2007, and with it I also reviewed the many changes that are incorporated into Service Pack 1, scheduled to be released in Beta 2 sometime next month, and as RTM just prior to the release of Windows Server 2008.

I’ve decided to share the PowerPoint decks with you, and hopefully you might find it useful. As always, if there are any comments, requests, or questions – please feel free to send them over by using the “Feedback” form.

If you dont have PowerPoint you can download the PowerPoint 2007 Viewer

Download Exchange Server 2007 Features and SP1 Improvements Presentation

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