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Windows XP

Download Windows XP SP1 Deploy Tools

What are the Windows XP Deploy Tools? Where can I get them? Why do I need them?

Update – SP2 is out

On August 9, 2004, Microsoft released SP2 for Windows XP. SP2 is the latest collection of updates for Windows XP. I expect new Deployment Tools and Reskit Tools to be available for download. If you have the SP2 CD (or you’ve downloaded the ISO file from the MSDN subscriber site) then you already have the new Deployment and Reskit Tools.

See the Download Windows XP SP2 page for more info, and the Windows 2000/XP SP Slipstreaming page for info on how to integrate SP2 into your existing media.

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If you still need the SP1 Deploy Tools

The Windows XP Corporate Deployment Tools (deploy.cab) assists system administrators in installing Windows XP on multiple computers. This file contains updates to Setup Manager, the Sysprep utility, and related documentation.

For more instructions on how to use the tools and perform an unattended setup, read “Windows Corporate Deployment Tools User’s Guide” (deploy.chm). This help file is included in the deploy.cab.

Note: The Corporate Deployment Tools are also available on the Windows XP Service Pack 1 CD in the ‘support’tools directory.

Download the Windows XP SP1 Corporate Deployment Tools (1.7mb)

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  1. Collection: Windows Server 2003_Part3 « document4u

    [...] Netdom.exe is a part of the Windows 2000/XP/2003 Support Tools. You must either download it separately (from here Download Free Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools) or by obtaining the correct Support Tools pack for your operating system. The Support Tools pack can be found in the SupportTools folder on your installation CD (or you can Download Windows 2000 SP4 Support Tools, Download Windows XP SP1 Deploy Tools). [...]

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