Download Windows 2000 Adminpak

What is the Windows 2000 Administration Pack? Where can I get it?

To make the remote management of your servers easier, Microsoft has included the Windows 2000 Administration Tools Pack on the Windows 2000 installation CDs. Using this CD, you can install the Windows 2000 Administration Tools Pack onto computers that are running the following operating systems:

  • The Windows Server 2000 family

Note that you cannot install the Windows 2000 version of Adminpak.msi onto computers running any other operating system version other than Windows 2000.

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The Adminpak.msi (Adminpak) file is a self-extracting file that contains commonly used administrative tools. The Adminpak.msi file is located in the \I386 folder on the Windows 2000 CD-ROM.

Note: To separately install specific Adminpak tools (i.e. not all of the tools, just the ones you need) see my Extract Specific Tools from Adminpak.msi page. The Windows 2000 Adminpak cannot be found anywhere on the Internet (and if you do find a stable d/l link, let me know). The only place for you to look for these tools is on the installation CD-ROM and on any Windows 2000 Server that was already installed, in the %systemroot%\system32 folder. I made a local copy of the Windows 2000 Adminpak available for you to download, so if you don’t have your installation CD with you, you can download it from here:

Download the Windows 2000 Administration Tools Pack (14.5mb)

Download the Windows 2000 Administration Tools Pack (14.6mb – zip format – local download – slow)

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