Download IE7

Download Internet Explorer 7

Yes! It’s finally here, Microsoft’s latest and anticipated Internet browser – Internet Explorer 7.

IE 7 has some nice features and a new look, you can read more about it on the links featured below. Also, following the footsteps on Firefox, you can add more functionality to IE 7 by installing one or more of the available Add-Ins (see link below).

However, if you ask me personally, I think IE7 sucks big time. As of today, I don’t know about any IE 7’s security flaws, however the interface, although trying to be more user friendly, lacks many useful features that were easily available in older versions.

So if you still want to use it, here are the download links. BTW, Microsoft plans to push IE 7 as a required update via Windows Update and Microsoft Update, so prepare for a many support calls coming to your line during the month of November… :-)

Download Internet Explorer 7 (14.8mb for the Windows XP SP2 version, other versions exist)

See the Download Other IE Versions and Download the full IE 6 package pages for other IE versions.


Download Internet Explorer 7 (14.8mb)

Release Notes for Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7 Add-Ins

Internet Explorer 7 will be delivered through Automatic Updates – customers should complete preparations by November 1

IE Blog – Be Ready for Automatic Update Distribution of IE7 by November 1

Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit Download

Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit FAQ

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