Configure Web Access to Newsgroups Hosted on Exchange 2000/2003

In Exchange 2000/2003, how can I configure web access to some of the newsgroups that are hosted on the server?
If you’re running a newsgroup feed from a live NNTP server (see Configure a Newsgroup Feed From a NNTP Server), or if you’re running your own newsgroup hierarchy, you might want to configure alternate access to these folders by use of a web browser.

  1. To do so open the Exchange System Manager console.
  2. Drill down to your server’s name and open the Protocols container.
  3. Open the HTTP container, double-click the Default HTTP Virtual Server.
  4. Right-click the Exchange Virtual Directory sub-container and choose New > Virtual Directory.

nntp web access small

  1. Give the new Virtual Directory a name. You can use any name, but this will be the directory’s alias, so make it an easy one.
  2. In the Exchange Path select the Public Folder radio box.

nntp web access1 small

  1. Click Modify. In the Public Folder selection window select the folder you want to make visible.

Note: I used the MCT private newsgroups demonstrated in the Configure a Newsgroup Feed From a NNTP Server page, but as stated before, you won’t be able to use the same folders because these groups are password restricted. Use your own folders, the ones you’ve downloaded from your ISP News server.
nntp web access2 small

  1. Click Ok.
  2. In the Access tab you can change the Authentication level required. I used the default, which has the Anonymous authentication disabled.

nntp web access3 small nntp web access4 small

  1. Click Ok when you’re done.

Now you can see the new Virtual Directory in the listing. If you try to browse it you’ll get an error. This is ok because it can take a few moments until the AD2MB (Active Directory to Metabase) service synchronizes the E2K settings to the IIS Metabase.
nntp web access7 small nntp web access5 small
Wait a few moments and try again. You will be then be able to access the newsgroup hierarchy by using a web browser.
nntp web access6 small

Additional Notes:

This article contains instructions on how to download from newsgroups