Configure TCP/IP to use DHCP and a Static IP Address at the Same Time

Daniel Petri


Thanks to reader pnatan from Tapuz we can do that with just a simple registry tweak.

To configure your computer (tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) to use both a DHCP obtained IP address and a statically configured IP address follow these steps:

Configure your computer to use DHCP

  1. Right-click My Network Places and choose Properties.
  2. On the NIC that is (usually) labeled as Local Area Connection – right-click and choose Properties.


  1. Select TCP/IP (make sure you don’t remove the check mark accidentally) and press the Properties button.


  1. Make sure you have “Obtain Automatically” selected.


  1. You can verify your settings by using a simple ipconfig command. Type ipconfig /all at a Command Prompt:


  1. Ok all the way out.

Add a second (or third and so on), static, IP address

  1. Click Start and choose Run. Enter Regedit and press Enter.

Note: On Windows 2000 and NT you need to run Regedt32 instead.

  1. Navigate to

(actual GUID of the NIC may vary, select the one that represents your own NIC (from step 2 above)

  1. Select the IPAddress key and double click it.
  2. In the Edit Multi String dialog box enter a second (and third and so on) IP address. Make sure you enter each IP on a separate line. Click Ok.


  1. Select the SubnetMask key and double click it.
  2. In the Edit Multi String dialog box enter a second (and third and so on) Subnet Mask. Make sure you enter each Subnet Mask on a separate line. Click Ok.


  1. Close the registry editor.
  2. Go back to your network properties, right-click your NIC and select Disable.


  1. Right-click your NIC and select Enable.


  1. Verify your settings by running ipconfig /all at a Command Prompt:

Windows 98 users: This trick can also be accomplished with Windows 98, only there you need to modify the following registry path (instead of the one in step 2 above):


In Windows 98 you’ll also need to reboot your computer for the trick to work.

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