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GET-IT Microsoft Teams 1-Day Virtual Conference

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9:30 AM EST

Do I Need to Back Up Data in Microsoft 365?
Kat Beedim

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The question of whether to back up Microsoft 365 has been somewhat debatable - with some suggestions you absolutely must - and others are saying you don't. Although there are some valid reasons to back up Office 365 data, most organizations aren't required to do so. In this session, we will explore the pros and cons, including Microsoft 365 retention policies, recovery of data, and security gaps.

10:30 AM EST

Microsoft Teams Rooms, Delivering a Great Hybrid Work Experience
Tom Arbuthnot

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Join Tom Arbuthnot, Microsoft MVP for a look at all the options and considerations for your Microsoft Teams Rooms. From Windows vs Android to Vendor Selection, Licensing and Management, Tom will help you make all the right decisions for a great Hybrid work experience.

11:30 AM EST

Managing Information Governance, Security, and Compliance in Microsoft Teams
Jasper Oosterveld

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Microsoft Teams is used by millions of people, collaborating daily with colleagues and guests. Customers are starting to ask an important question: How can we secure and stay compliant with our data? Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP, is going to answer this question and provide valuable guidelines. You can expect real-world advice around managing external access, Microsoft Purview Information Protection & Governance, and Data Loss Prevention.

12:30 PM EST

Expert roundtable: How to Unlock the Power of Teams for Your End Users
Russell Smith, Kat Beedim, Funtrol Ready, Roy Martinez

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1:00 PM EST

Transform Business Processes with Teams as a Platform and Apps
João Ferreira

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The pandemic was the trigger for thousands of businesses to modernize processes and start using Microsoft Teams. While the chat and meeting functionalities are helping business to move forward in a digital and remote world, these two features alone do not guarantee a digital transformation. Teams as a platform can help businesses to move away from manual tasks by implementing automated processes that will increase efficiency and remove repetitive tasks prone to human error and delays. In this session I’ll teach how to use out of the box Microsoft Teams applications to automate tasks, how to use approval workflows and how to make informed decisions based on data that already lives in Microsoft 365 and is accessible from Microsoft Teams.

2:00 PM EST

5 Best Practices to Get Your Microsoft Teams & Voice Under Control
Roy Martinez

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It comes as no surprise to IT professionals that 650,000 global businesses report that their online communication package includes Teams and 88% of employees claim Teams helps with productivity. But less than 30% are using their Microsoft Teams tools to peak efficiency, which can actually make collaboration worse. In this 45-minute session Roy Martinez will teach you how to get your Teams environment under control – and why most people don’t. Learn strategies, best practices, and real-world examples of how to take your Microsoft Teams protocols from chaotic to tranquil.

3:00 PM EST

Guest User Access and External Sharing in Microsoft Teams and Office 365
Funtrol Ready

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In this interactive session, you will create quality guest user policies that navigate the complexities of your Microsoft 365 environment. You'll will walk away with working knowledge of how to mitigate risk, advance security, and increase collaboration.

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