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Open in Regedit in IE

One of the coolest tricks I saw lately came from one of my Students – Shay Levy (visit his blog at Many tips published on various websites, including articles found on the site, heavily use registry modifications and additions. These articles and tips usually tell you that in order to perform this or…

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Sign for MCSEworld Updates

Subscribe to the update service I’m starting my own site update notification service. In the near future it will only serve as a notification message for new website updates. However I do have plans to turn it into a bi-weekly newsletter. Fields marked * are mandatory. *Name   *E-Mail   Please provide a valid…

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Classroom Stuff

This section holds a list of classroom related articles written or modified by me, with exception of a few articles grabbed from Microsoft or other resources. Some articles that are written in Hebrew have a note near them.  If you have any interesting articles you want to share, please send me a copy and I…

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Windows Update Problems

Many users of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 have had problems when trying to access the Windows Update site. I’ve searched all over the Internet for solutions to these problems and came up with the following list of possible solutions. These solutions are not arranged by any specific order, although I do…

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Add Your Own Link

Want to add a link to your own site? As long as your site is a free, non-profit, non-pop-up-banner, IT/Microsoft related site – send me a link with a small description of the contents of your site, and if it’s as good as you say – I’ll add it to the list. If your site…

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Certification Requirements

This page will keep record of the most up-to-date certification requirements as posted by Microsoft on their public certification pages and on various certification related newsgroups and forums. On December 2nd 2002, Microsoft has updated their Microsoft Certification Requirements page. Furthermore, on February 17th 2003 Microsoft has officially published the certification requirements for the new…

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Read other user’s opinions, share your studying experience, ask exam related questions – Enter’s Certification Forums I’m also looking for help in building a whole certification section with more tips and studying links, but this is something that will have to wait for a while. What’s in this section? Microsoft Certifications Microsoft Action Pack…

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Installation Tips and Tricks

Installation Tips and Tricks This page contains a collection of installation tips & tricks, articles and how-to guides, all related to Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2000, Exchange Server 2003 and Office XP/2003. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to contribute to this section . Available topics (Sorted in…

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