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Microsoft Develops Pointers Web App to Improve Windows 8 Deployment Experience

Microsoft is using a web application called pointers to streamline users’ Windows 8 deployment experience. Michael Simmons discusses its advantages for Microsoft – and for you.

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Windows 8 File History Protects Users from Doom and Data Loss

Got backup? John O’Neill, Sr., shows you how the new File History feature protects Windows 8 users from impending doom.

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3 Ways to Shut Down Windows 8

Windows 8 provides several ways to shut down the OS, but they aren’t immediately obvious to new users. John O’Neill Sr. walks us through the new shut-down options.

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8 Questions (and Answers) about Windows 8

Do you still have questions about Windows 8? Are you wondering if Microsoft finally got it right this time? In this post, we answer 8 questions about Windows 8.

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8 Reasons Windows 8 Tablets will make a Splash in the Enterprise

Will Windows 8 tablets offer valuable and compelling features for the enterprise? The excitement surrounding Windows 8 is unmistakable, but everyone seems to have this question in mind. John O’Neill, Sr. shows how these tablets can add value to organizations, and why they will most certainly make a splash in the enterprise.

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Install Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 Developer Preview has been downloadable from Microsoft for a few weeks now. In this Article Peter Bruzzese walks through how to install Windows 8 Developer Preview and how to navigate around the new Metro UI.

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