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Process Monitoring with PowerShell

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks shares his script for watching processes using a WMI event subscription using the CIM cmdlets.

Jan 20, 2016|Jeff Hicks

Color Coding with PowerShell

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks continues his quest to display service statuses in a colorful format.

Jan 19, 2016|Jeff Hicks

More Answers to Your PowerShell Problems: Using and Extending Objects

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks continues his exploration of using and extending objects to solve a scripting challenge.

Jan 13, 2016|Jeff Hicks

Getting Started with the PowerShell 5.0 Information Stream

Learn how to leverage the PowerShell 5.0 information stream, which lets serves as a logging mechanism for scripts and functions.

Jan 12, 2016|Jeff Hicks

Using PowerShell's Storage Cmdlets to Query the System Drive

Learn how to use the PowerShell storage cmdlets to discover information about system drives.

Jan 7, 2016|Jeff Hicks

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