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To Make Office 365 Smarter, Microsoft's Getting More Ambitious with Internal AI Testing

Microsoft will start a mass data collection practice for US employees that the company hopes will help them improve their AI and ML data models.

Dec 18, 2018|Brad Sams

Microsoft Has Found its New 'Excel'

Microsoft is frequently expanding the functionality of Office 365 and with the success of Teams, the company may have found its new Excel.

Dec 13, 2018|Brad Sams

Using the Office 365 Audit Log to Track Retention Labels

Office 365 allows users to apply retention labels to SharePoint and OneDrive documents and to Exchange messages. But after you've done the work to create a nice set of retention labels as part of your data governance framework, it's good to know that people are using the labels. Here's how to find out.

Dec 13, 2018|Tony Redmond

Outlook Click-to-Run Optimizes AutoDiscover for Office 365

Microsoft has optimized the Click-to-Run version of Outlook for Office 365. There's nothing startling about that, but the Outlook team didn't communicate the change well and they weren't very kind to people who asked them to reconsider the change in UserVoice. That's not good.

Dec 11, 2018|Tony Redmond

Analyzing the Numbers for Different Office 365 Workloads

Microsoft says that Office 365 has 155 million monthly active users. That's an interesting statistic, but how many people use Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and Planner? Microsoft never gives firm numbers, only clues to what might be happening, so we have to do some analysis to tease out what might be happening behind the Office 365 curtain.

Dec 6, 2018|Tony Redmond

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