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Azure SQL Backups

Aidan Finn explains how Azure automatically protects any databases you create with the Azure SQL service.

Feb 7, 2018|Aidan Finn

Stress Testing Azure Accelerated Networking

Aidan Finn shares the results of some stress tests that were run on the Azure virtual machines with and without the Accelerated Networking feature enabled.

Feb 5, 2018|Aidan Finn

How Do I Apply NSG Policies To Applications in Azure?

Aidan Finn describes a preview feature of Network Security Groups, called Application Security Groups, which allows you dynamically assign firewall policies to groups of Azure virtual machines.

Feb 5, 2018|Aidan Finn

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: February 2

Because we get much closer to Spring every day, this edition of Short Takes corporate earnings from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon, and some of the interesting facts we can mine from each. Plus some other stuff.

Feb 2, 2018|Paul Thurrott

Design Considerations for Azure Web Apps

Aidan Finn discusses things you should consider when designing an Azure App Service deployment.

Feb 1, 2018|Aidan Finn

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