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VMware and Google Join Forces to Bring Windows Apps to Chromebooks

Google and VMware join forces to bring VMware Horizon DaaS to Google Chromebooks. Will this partnership have what it takes to make inroads against Microsoft?

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Is PRISM Damaging Cloud Computing?

In June 2013, the world found out about PRISM. Learn more about this Internet surveillance program and how it could affect the future of cloud computing.

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The Friday Funny: Google Is Skynet

Google Instant helps people find searches more quickly. Read on to see how it also reveals that Google is evil.

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The Friday Funny: Star Wars Stormtrooper Guards Google Data Center

These aren’t the servers you’re looking for. Enjoy this hilarious look as the Star Wars Force seems to be strong with Google’s data centers.

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Oracle to Launch New Cloud Application: Are They Too Late?

In June of this year, Oracle announced the long-awaited launch of the Oracle cloud. In this post, Avril Salter, Ph.D. examines whether Oracle is too late to make a difference in the cloud market given its late arrival, or if they will be able to stand out from their competitors.

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Print from your Phone or Tablet using Google Cloud Print

Printing from smartphones and tablet computers is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. In this post, John O’Neill Sr. demonstrates how to use Google Cloud Print, a simple and free way to answer this need.

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