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Starting an Azure Runbook from Your Phone

Aidan Finn shows you how to execute Azure Automation runbooks from your phone.

Aug 18, 2017|Aidan Finn

Amazon launches Amazon Macie, a Service for Discovering, Classifying, and Securing Data at Scale

In a recent update, Amazon announced Amazon Macie, a new security service that uses machine learning to discover, classify, and secure data stored in Amazon S3 at scale.

Aug 16, 2017|Jamie McGibbon

Microsoft's Latest Acquisitions Aims to Democratize the Super Computer

Microsoft has acquired Cycle Computing which is a cloud orchestrator and should make it easier to tap into the raw power of Azure.

Aug 15, 2017|Brad Sams

Microsoft, Elon Musk, OpenAI and Dota Walk Into a Bar

Elon Musk's Open AI organization used Azure to power its AI bot that was able to beat the top players in Dota at the recent International tournament.

Aug 14, 2017|Brad Sams

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: August 11

Because Jamon Iberico is God's perfect food, this edition of Short Takes looks at a surprisingly contentious and controversial week for Microsoft.

Aug 11, 2017|Paul Thurrott

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