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Amazon AWS Leads the Growing Cloud Market

The cloud market has continued to grow at a rapid pace and according to research by Synergy Research Group Amazon AWS remains the clear leader in the cloud market. Synergy Research Group estimated that cloud growth is 37% per year and they also noted that the rate of growth for the cloud market is beginning to slow down.

Feb 19, 2020|Michael Otey

Google Is Building a Slack, Not a Teams

For the past half-decade or so, Google has been trying feverishly to crack the enterprise market with its cloud and productivity application. While the company has made some serious in-roads, with its cloud services growing and the adoption of its productivity suite, Google Apps, often becoming the preferred choice for small companies, Microsoft still rules the roost for the productivity market.

Jan 30, 2020|Brad Sams

Five Facts about Hybrid Cloud Backup

Using the cloud as a backup target is definitely one...

Dec 10, 2019|Michael Otey

Taking a Look at Your Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance Options

Seamlessly extending your local storage to the cloud is what hybrid cloud storage appliances offer. Sometimes these hybrid cloud storage options are extensions to local storage systems or sometimes they are specifically designed for hybrid cloud storage.

Oct 9, 2019|Michael Otey

Google Takes a Big Step Forward to Bring Chrome OS to the Enterprise

Google has announced several new features that are coming to Chrome OS that will make it easier to use the operating system in corporate environments.

Aug 26, 2019|Brad Sams

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