Azure Active Directory

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What's New in Azure AD Connect V2

Azure AD Connect is a free tool from Microsoft that’s...

Sep 6, 2021|Russell Smith

How to Enable Passwordless Authentication with Azure AD

Microsoft announced at its Ignite conference, which ran March 2nd...

Mar 4, 2021|Russell Smith

Microsoft Enhances Azure Active Directory With Several New Features

At Microsoft’s Ignite conference this week, there was a series...

Mar 2, 2021|Russell Smith

Running an Azure AD Access Review for Every Guest in Every Group

When I wrote about Azure AD Access Reviews for Office...

Jan 25, 2021|Tony Redmond

Microsoft 365 Passwordless Sign-In: Windows Hello vs. FIDO2 Security Keys

Windows Hello and FIDO2 security keys both provide passwordless authentication. But which is best depends on your organization's existing infrastructure and user needs.

Jan 19, 2021|Russell Smith

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