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Windows 7 not supported on New PCs -- Intel and AMD Toe the Line

With new PC chips rapidly approaching, here’s a timely reminder about Windows 7 support: There isn’t any—at least not on Intel or AMD’s new silicon. Only Windows 10 is supported. Your downgrade rights were wrenched away, back in January...

Aug 31, 2016


MS Excel’s Science SNAFUs -- Bug or User Error?

Microsoft Excel causes problems in genetic research. That’s the claim of three researchers from an Australian institute, who discovered almost 20% of data sets contained errors introduced by Excel. The problem is Excel being “clever”—guessing the type of data it’s being asked to import. Unfortunately...

Aug 26, 2016


Microsoft Windows 10 vs. EFF Privacy Voice -- Fight!

Microsoft Windows 10 comes under fire for privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation last week reopened the case against Redmond’s telemetry and personalization efforts. Despite acknowledging previous press stories were wildly incorrect, EFF paralegal staffer Amul Kalia argues his case with sincere passion...

Aug 24, 2016

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Microsoft Open-Sources PowerShell, on Linux -- World Turned Upside-Down

Microsoft PowerShell on Linux and macOS—yes, it’s now open source. If you think the world’s gone mad, you might be right. For die-hard Linux-heads, it’s never going to replace Bash, Perl or Python. But for Microsoft-centric dev/ops types, it promises to be a wonderful widget in the toolbag. Especially as more workloads move to “the cloud.”

Aug 19, 2016


Huge Change to Patch Tuesday -- IT Admins are Revolting [updated]

Microsoft to change how older Windows versions get patches. For better or worse, it’ll be more like the Windows 10 way. Next Patch Tuesday, prepare for a single rollup patch. This means you won’t be able to pick and choose the patches that work for you. And that’s good, because… um, reasons.

Aug 16, 2016


Microsoft Windows UEFI Secure Boot -- Insecure by Design?

Microsoft Windows Secure Boot has a big problem. It’s no longer secure, and can’t be fixed—or so say a pair of security researchers who found the issue. Apparently, Microsoft created a secret backdoor, for internal QA use. But two Ring Of Lightning researchers uncovered the so-called “golden key.”

Aug 10, 2016

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