Author: Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

How to Recover Deleted and Lost Files

by Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

Anyone who has relied on a hard drive or other storage device has probably lost an important file. It may be due to accidental deletion, data corruption, or merely a change of mind - "Shoot, I shouldn't have deleted that file!". The good news is that these files can almost always be restored. In this post, we walk you through a few simple steps to recover those lost files.

Security Essentials – Intro to Shares

by Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

The purpose of a share (aka shared folder) is to expose a portion of a server’s file system to network users. The idea is to just keep portions of that file system available to users while allowing other portions of the server’s file system to remain private and unseen by network users. In this post, you will learn how to administer shares using Windows Explorer.