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Amazon launches Amazon Macie, a Service for Discovering, Classifying, and Securing Data at Scale

In a recent update, Amazon announced Amazon Macie, a new security service that uses machine learning to discover, classify, and secure data stored in Amazon S3 at scale.

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Google Optimize Adds Support for 37 New Languages

Google announced this week that they have added support for 37 new languages to Google Optimize, the firm’s website testing and optimization service, something that can be beneficial to teams that are spread across the globe.

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G Suite Adds Improvements to Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange

Google has made several improvements to G-Suite that make it easier for organizations that use both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Server to integrate and maintain functionality across the two platforms.

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Amazon CloudWatch adds Support for High-Resolution Custom Metrics and Alarms

Amazon has announced this week an update CloudWatch that will improve the visibility into the events that may negatively impact your cloud operations.

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