Author: J. Peter Bruzzese

Exchange Server 2010: Data Protection Manager Setup

by J. Peter Bruzzese

It happens rarely but systems do fail. A robust and reliable backup solution is paramount to ensuring the safety of valuable and irreplaceable data. Microsoft's Data Protection Manager is one option that reliably backs up Exchange servers as well as a whole list of other services. The following article describes DPM's capabilities as well as describes how to set the service up.

Permissions and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) – Part II

with 1 Comment by J. Peter Bruzzese

2nd installment by J. Peter Bruzzese on RBAC (Role Based Access Control), a new permissions model in Exchange Server 2010. RBAC allows you to define both a broad, as well as a more granular assignment of permissions to administrators, ensuring that they are given the appropriate permissions based on the roles they perform within your organization. The 1st installment covered broad permission settings by employing Predefined Role Groups. Part 2 addresses more specific permission settings at the granular level.

SBS 2011 and SharePoint Foundation: Configuring Outgoing & Incoming E-mail Settings

with 1 Comment by J. Peter Bruzzese

Step-by-step article and video by J. Peter Bruzzese on configuring outgoing & incoming email for SharePoint Foundation on SBS (Small Business Server) 2011. Due to the unique circumstances of Small Business Server, very specific configuration settings are required for SharePoint email. Covers outgoing/incoming email settings, configuring alerts, creating a document library, and creating a foreign connector to the drop folder.