Author: Brien Posey

Top Tips for Importing & Exporting your VM with Hyper-V

by Brien Posey

One of the things that makes server virtualization so enticing is virtual machine portability. If a host server starts to become overloaded, or you need to upgrade to newer hardware, you can move virtual machines to another host server via the Import and Export function. In this article, Brien Posey explains the import/export process and how to avoid some common pitfalls of moving your virtual machines.

Creating Recipient Filters in Exchange 2007

by Brien Posey

Recipient filtering can be a handy way to quickly locate a user or a mailbox, but it can also be a great way to perform an action on a subgroup. In this article, Brien Posey shows how to create simple and compound recipient filters and perform actions on the filter results through the Exchange Management Shell.

Defragmenting the Active Directory Database

by Brien Posey

Performing an offline defragmentation of the Active Directory database is a great way to reclaim lost disk space if the system volume on your domain controller begins to run low on space. In this Article, Brien Posey shows you how the process for doing so has changed in Windows Server 2008.