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Brad Sams has more than a decade of writing and publishing experience under his belt including helping to establish new and seasoned publications From breaking news about upcoming Microsoft products to telling the story of how a billion dollar brand was birthed in his book, Beneath a Surface, Brad is a well-rounded journalist who has established himself as a trusted name in the industry.


Next Windows 10 Update Will Bring the End of Recognizing SHA-1 As Secure

Microsoft has announced that with the Anniversary update with Windows 10, the company will no longer recognize that SHA-1 is secure in Edge and Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft Details SharePoint and OneDrive Roadmap: Apps, Intranet, and Access

Microsoft has announced several features coming to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business during the remainder of the year.

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SharePoint 2016 Is Now Generally Available

Microsoft has announced today that SharePoint 2016 has reached general availability and is ready for production environments.

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SharePoint Extensibility is Growing Up with the SharePoint Framework

Microsoft has announced a new extensibility framework for SharePoint that will make it easier for its customers to build out applications using new tools.

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SQL Server 2016 is Coming June 1, Here’s What’s in Each Edition

Microsoft has announced the availability of SQL Server 2016 and the features that will be in each edition of the platform.

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Investing in Your Data Center to Minimize Risk: Money Well Spent

When it comes to investing in your data center, while performance is still king, up-time is what keeps management off of your back.

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The Sams Report EP 37: Small Pipes, Big Xbox

On this episode, I cover the all the news that Microsoft announced this week including a new build of Windows 10, Xbox hardware, Office pipes, security threats, apps and so much more.

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Microsoft Flow: A Backend Internet Plumbing Service To Compete With IFTTT

Microsoft is working on a new service that will allow you to connect different platforms with templates to create unique actions.

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Office 365 Vulnerability Exposed Business Accounts, Fixed within Seven Hours

A serious exploit found within Office 365 allowed you to access nearly any business email account but the bug was patched within seven hours after being reported.

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Microsoft’s Newly Acquired Xamarin Expands Developer Tools With New Features

Microsoft and Xamarin are hosting the Evolve 16 conferece in Orlando where the companies have announced several new development features and updates to existing tools.

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