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Want to add a link to your own site?

As long as your site is a free, non-profit, non-pop-up-banner, IT/Microsoft related site – send me a link with a small description of the contents of your site, and if it’s as good as you say – I’ll add it to the list.

If your site fits into a specific category that’s not yet listed (that’s not too hard, there are only 3 or 4 existing categories right now, duh) then make sure you tell me to what category you’d like me to add your site to.

Note: Only non-commercial sites, sites that have public-free information or downloadable tools (really free, not craplike-free or *free* or “click here to subscribe and then it’ll be free” crappy sites) will be listed. If you don’t fit into this category (or if you say you do but I find out later that you lied to me) you will NOT be listed here and I will add your site to the banned-for-life-list of Daniel Petri, and will make sure every visitor of this site knows about it.

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Passwords Haven’t Disappeared Yet

123456. Qwerty. Iloveyou. No, these are not exercises for people who are brand new to typing. Shockingly, they are among the most common passwords that end users choose in 2021. Research has found that the average business user must manually type out, or copy/paste, the credentials to 154 websites per month. We repeatedly got one question that surprised us: “Why would I ever trust a third party with control of my network?

Commercial sites: If you sell product(s) that are top-quality, if you have top-quality subscriber-only information, if your services are not public-free (again, if you’re having trouble in understanding the difference between “Free” and “*Free*” then read the above paragraph) – if you have a site that fits into one of these categories and still feel that you’d like to be listed here – you will have to pay. How much is negotiable, but make a mental note that this site has approximately 1,200,000 unique page impressions per month.

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