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Running the Windows 2000 Server Active Directory Migration Tool

How can I migrate users and groups from my NT 4.0 domain to a Windows 2000 Domain?

The Active Directory Migration Tool provides an easy, secure, and fast way to migrate to Windows 2000 Active Directory service. As a system administrator, you can use this tool to diagnose any possible problems before starting migration operations to Windows 2000 Server Active Directory. You can then use the task-based wizard to migrate users, groups, and computers; set correct file permissions; and migrate Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. The tool’s reporting feature allows you to assess the impact of the migration, both before and after move operations.

In many cases, if there is a problem, you can use the rollback features to automatically restore previous structures. The tool also provides support for parallel domains, so you can maintain your existing Windows NT 4.0 domains while you deploy Windows 2000.

Note: To successfully run the AD Migration Tool the source domain must be running Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 or later, and the target domain will be a Windows 2000-based domain in Native mode.

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The Active Directory Migration Tool version 3 (ADMT v3) simplifies the process of restructuring your operating environment to meet the needs of your organization. You can use ADMT v3 to migrate users, groups, and computers from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 domains to Active Directory directory service domains; between Active Directory domains in different forests (interforest migration); and between Active Directory domains in the same forest (intraforest migration). ADMT v3 also performs security translation from Windows NT 4.0 domains to Active Directory domains and between Active Directory domains in different forests.

Download Active Directory Migration Tool v3.0 (32mb)


Active Directory Migration Tool Overview

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