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A Roundup of Microsoft’s RSA Announcements

The 2020 RSA is taking place next week but Microsoft is announcing the general availability of several services ahead of the event. Below is a high-level look at the announcements that Microsoft will be talking about more in-depth next week at one of the industry’s largest security-related events.

  • Microsoft’s Insider Risk Management offering for Microsoft 365 is now globally available.
  • General availability of Microsoft Threat Protection
  • Public preview of preventative protection capabilities from Microsoft Defender ATP on the following supported Linux server distributed versions: RHEL 7+, CentOS Linux 7+, Ubuntu 16  LTS, or higher LTS, SLES 12+, Debian 9+, and Oracle EL 7.
  • Azure Sentinel has new connectors now available, new developer documentation, and more resources available for security teams. Microsoft is also offering a free trial of AWS CloudTrail log ingestion into Sentinel from February 24, 2020 until June 30, 2020.
  • Azure Security Center for IoT is extending support for Azure real-time operating systems in addition to Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) and Windows 10 IoT core operating systems.
  • The preview of FIDO2 security key support in Azure Active Directory now supports hybrid environments.

With RSA next week, expect many other companies to start pushing out announcements in the near future as well. If Microsoft or any other vendor puts out a notable announcement, we will make sure to include it in our coverage.

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      The fact that Microsoft is providing support for open-source software as well is a great job. They are putting their steps forward and growing with the open-source community.

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