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Windows Server 2016

Managing Windows Server Containers with PowerShell: Connecting to a Network

In this post, learn how to deploy a Windows Server Containers-based application and configure NAT networking and Windows Firewall rules.

Nov 24, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

Managing Windows Server Containers with PowerShell: Managing Containers

Learn how to perform administration inside of a Windows Server container, along with steps on creating a new container image in the repository.

Nov 16, 2015|Aidan Finn


Deploy and Manage Windows Server Containers using Docker

Russell Smith shows you how to quickly deploy Windows Server containers using Docker in the latest technical preview.

Nov 16, 2015|Russell Smith

Windows Server 2016

Managing Windows Server Containers with PowerShell: Creating a New Container

Learn how to manage and create Windows Server Containers using PowerShell, as well as explaining the file types and locations.

Nov 9, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server Containers Networking

Understand how Windows Server Containers will be connected to the network via a virtual switch, using NAT and DHCP.

Oct 26, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

How Windows Server Containers Work

Learn how Windows Server Containers work by understanding how the repository and container images are used to quickly deploy services with identical configurations and reduced effort.

Oct 19, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

What are Windows Server Containers?

Learn about Windows Server containers and how this virtualization technology will benefit your business.

Oct 5, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server

Docker LinuxKit Brings Linux Containers to Windows Server

In this Ask the Admin, Russell Smith looks in detail at the mechanics of how Linux containers will be supported in Windows Server 2016.

Jul 28, 2017|Russell Smith

Windows Server

Deploying Windows Server 2016 Containers Using Azure and Docker

Learn how to get started quickly with Windows Containers and Docker with a little bit of help from Microsoft Azure.

Mar 24, 2017|Russell Smith

Windows Server

First Steps: Docker and Containers in Windows Server 2016

Find out how to deploy an image to a container in Windows Server 2016, create a new image, and upload it to Docker.

Oct 28, 2016|Russell Smith

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