Windows Server 2012

How Many CSVs Should a Scale-Out File Server Have?

Aidan Finn explains how many cluster shared volumes (CSVs) you should have in a Windows Server 2012 R2 Scale-Out File Server.

May 18, 2015|Aidan Finn


How Would Microsoft Design a Scale-Out File Server: Disks, Networking, and More

Discover how disks, networks, servers, and Storage Bricks play a part in designing a SOFS in part 2 of this series.

Mar 10, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

How Would Microsoft Design a Scale-Out File Server?

WWMSD? Ever wonder how Microsoft would design a SOFS for storage over SMB 3.0 networking with transparent failover? Find out more in part 1 of this series.

Mar 5, 2014|Aidan Finn

Backup & Storage

Designing a Basic Scale-Out File Server (SOFS)

We've shown you how to create a basic scale-out file server (SOFS) – now it's time to learn what goes into designing an SOFS!

Jul 31, 2013|Aidan Finn

Backup & Storage

Create a Basic Scale-Out File Server (SOFS)

We're creating a scale-out file server (SOFS) to share failover storage using Windows Server 2012 R2. Learn how with this how-to guide!

Jul 29, 2013|Aidan Finn

Backup & Storage

Windows Server 2012: SMB 3.0 and the Scale-Out File Server

Wondering what's up with SOFS? Learn the basics of Windows Server 2012 SMB 3.0 Scale-Out File Server in this article.

Jun 17, 2013|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Azure File Sync Requirements

This post will detail the system requirements and considerations for planning an Azure File Sync deployment.

Aug 15, 2018|Aidan Finn

Windows Server

What Is Hyper-Convergence in Windows Server 2016?

In this Ask the Admin, Russell Smith explains what hyper-convergence is and how it can help simplify your IT systems.

Dec 19, 2017|Russell Smith

Windows Server 2016

Nano Server End of Support Is “Spring 2018”

Aidan Finn discusses the impact of the end of Nano as a viable operating system for physical and virtual machines.

Aug 24, 2017|Aidan Finn

Windows Server

Nano Server Is Here Today. Gone… Pretty Soon

Aidan Finn discusses Microsoft's announcement to remove all the infrastructure features, such as scale-out file server and Hyper-V from Nano Server.

Jun 26, 2017|Aidan Finn

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