Active Directory

How to Create and Link a Group Policy Object in Active Directory

Russell Smith shows us how to create and link a Group Policy Object in Active Directory in this step-by-step how-to article.

Dec 11, 2014|Russell Smith

Windows 10

How to Turn Off News and Interests with Group Policy

News and Interests on the Windows 10 taskbar is a...

Jun 30, 2021|Russell Smith

Windows Server

How to Migrate Group Policy Windows Firewall Rules to Intune

As you make the move from Microsoft on-premises infrastructure to...

Apr 30, 2021|Ru Campbell

Windows 10

How to Block Adobe Flash Player Using Active Directory Group Policy

Flash Player is a plug-in for browsers that is installed and maintained separately. Although it came bundled with some browsers. Not only that, but it was responsible for some scary security vulnerabilities over the years. So, developers and IT admins alike were glad to see the back of it.

Feb 24, 2021|Russell Smith

Active Directory

How to Create a Group Policy Central Store

How to centralize Group Policy templates to make managing configuration settings easier in a domain environment.

Feb 10, 2020|Russell Smith

SharePoint Online

Discover Who Creates Guest Accounts in Office 365 Applications

Office 365 applications now create many guest accounts in Azure Active Directory. You can see what accounts exist, but it's more difficult to discover who created the accounts - or why they were created. Fortunately, the Office 365 audit log holds a lot of useful data that can be interrogated to find some answers and PowerShell is a great tool for slicing and dicing audit data. See what you think of the answers I've come up with.

Oct 17, 2019|Tony Redmond

Active Directory

How to Configure Group Policy to Reapply Settings

How to ensure that Group Policy settings are applied every time Group Policy is processed.

Feb 12, 2019|Russell Smith

Office 365

Blocking Guests from Classified Office 365 Groups (and Teams)

Office 365 Groups and Teams can hold tons of secrets that we don't want to share outside our organization. To keep sensitive information secure, you can block guest users from groups by setting a directory policy on your most important and confidential groups.

Aug 16, 2018|Tony Redmond

Microsoft Azure

Azure Policy for Governance Enforcement

Microsoft recently made Azure Policy generally available. This post will explain the role of Azure Policy and how you can use it to audit for or enforce governance.

Jun 11, 2018|Aidan Finn

Office 365

Azure Active Directory External Collaboration Policy Now Generally Available

Office 365 makes it easy to collaborate with external users through Office 365 Groups and Teams, both of which use Azure B2B Collaboration. In fact, collaboration is so easy that users might be carried away and share with all and sundry, including your competitors. Which is why it's nice to have a policy to control sharing with certain domains that works for applications like Groups, Teams, and Planner.

Apr 26, 2018|Tony Redmond

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