Getting Started with PowerShell’s Get-Member

If you are going to get anywhere with PowerShell you have to absolutely understand the concept of objects in the pipeline and in this post, Jeff Hicks breaks it down.

Jun 21, 2016|Jeff Hicks


Tips and Tricks with PowerShell’s Get-Member

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks shows us several tips and tricks with PowerShell's Get-Member cmdlet.

Sep 17, 2015|Jeff Hicks


Working with PowerShell’s Get-Member cmdlet

Jeff Hicks shows us how to do more with PowerShell's Get-Member cmdlet.

Sep 10, 2015|Jeff Hicks


Understanding and Manipulating Dates and Time in PowerShell

Working with Dates and Times in PowerShell is very common. Many scripts require simple or complex date calculations for such things as archiving files or logic to determine what data to operate on.

Dec 31, 2020|Adam Bertram


Working with Planner Data Through the Graph

PowerShell has its Limitations I like using PowerShell to work...

Jul 8, 2020|Tony Redmond


Managing Files with PowerShell 7 on Linux

Since Microsoft open-sourced PowerShell in 2016, running it on Linux has become not only easier but a core part of the PowerShell roadmap. With PowerShell 7 in development, the stated goal is to make PowerShell accessible from not only Windows but Mac and Linux.

Nov 18, 2019|Adam Bertram


Creating Your First PowerShell Class

Take your PowerShell programming to a new level by learning how to use classes.

Jul 28, 2017|Missy Januszko


ConvertTo-HTML Tips and Tricks

In this series, Jeff Hicks shares tips and tricks for creating reports in PowerShell.

Jul 25, 2017|Jeff Hicks


Unraveling the Mystery of $MyInvocation

Missy Januszko explores the uses of $MyInvocation.

Jul 5, 2017|Missy Januszko

Windows 10

Discovering the Active Directory Searcher with PowerShell

Jeff Hicks discusses using Active Directory Searcher with PowerShell.

May 8, 2017|Jeff Hicks

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