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AWS Makes the Transition to Containers Eaiser with App Runner

Unless you’ve been working out of a cave, you’ve probably...

May 28, 2021|Michael Otey


Enterprise Dish: Choosing Containers and Upgrading 2012 R2

On this edition of the Enterprise Dish, we dive into containers news and knowledge, take a look at Build and VeeamOn, and help you get started with your 2012 R2 upgrade.

Apr 29, 2021|Petri Staff


M365 Changelog: Planner’s New Roster Containers

MC242586 – Updated April 06, 2021: Microsoft updated the rollout timeline...

Apr 6, 2021|Petri Staff


M365 Changelog: Planner’s New Roster Containers

MC242586 – This release of a new type of container...

Mar 3, 2021|Petri Staff


Diving into the Future of Windows with Containers and 10X

On this edition of the Enterprise Dish, Microsoft made significant announcements this week about the future of Windows and how applications will function in the new world of Windows 10X.

Feb 14, 2020|Petri Staff

Windows Server

Windows Containers: Understanding Images and Layers

While it is easy to grasp the basic idea of how containers work and how they differ from virtual machines (VM), understanding container images and layers is a bit more complicated.

Sep 4, 2019|Russell Smith

Windows Server 2019

How to Enable GPU Acceleration in Windows Containers

Need a little extra GPU power inside your container? Here is how you can turn on GPU acceleration in Windows Containers.

Apr 29, 2019|Russell Smith

Microsoft Azure

What Are Azure Containers — For IT Pros

Aidan Finn discusses what Azure Containers can do and how they can be used and managed in Azure.

Nov 3, 2017|Aidan Finn

SQL Server

Microsoft and Red Hat Extend Partnership, Simplify Deploying Containers

Microsoft and Red Hat are deepening their relationship to make it easier to run containers in your environment regardless of the operating system.

Aug 22, 2017|Brad Sams

Windows Server

Docker LinuxKit Brings Linux Containers to Windows Server

In this Ask the Admin, Russell Smith looks in detail at the mechanics of how Linux containers will be supported in Windows Server 2016.

Jul 28, 2017|Russell Smith

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